Wrap up the magic of Christmas.

Are you one of those who approach the annual holiday gift-wrapping ritual with a hint of dread?

Perhaps you’ve occasionally taken some creative shortcuts, both in the literal and figurative sense. You’re not alone! If there’s something we’ve all never been able to wrap – it’s a bottle of wine, so we asked the wine-wrapping (and wine making) gurus for some creative assistance.

Mpho Maroga from Robertson Winery shares a few of her trusty tips. The gift wrapping workshop Transform your living room into a wrapping workshop, complete with festive tunes and a glass of your favourite wine. Gather your supplies, from colourful wrapping paper to shiny ribbons and sparkly bows, as you prepare to wrap gifts that will make the recipient think that Martha Stewart personally wrapped. Tip: When picking wrapping paper, aim for a mid-range weight. Budget-friendly options are cost-effective but tend to tear or crinkle easily during wrapping. On the other hand, heavyweight artisanal or luxury papers, while attractive, can be tricky to fold and crease. Embrace the quirks Whoever decreed that all gifts must fit neatly into square boxes clearly missed out on the fun of celebrating the intriguing world of odd shapes! Gift-wrapping isn’t restricted to the art of concealing squares and rectangles; it’s an endless canvas of creativity that extends to the likes of surfboards, Terrariums and even the enigmatic “mystery gift.” Tip: When your item is just too big to cover with paper (a dollhouse, a surfboard or a bike), consider “wrapping” it with strings of fairy lights and securing the cords with festive ribbon. Master the tissue paper Enhance your gift by using tissue paper in matching or contrasting colours with your wrapping paper. This colour combination adds depth and an appealing look. Instead of laying the tissue paper flat, gently crinkle it to create a subtle texture that piques curiosity and excitement. Another creative option is to fold the tissue paper in a fan-like origami style, making your gift look like a mini work of art, adding an extra special touch. Decorative edges Craft scissors are like the secret ingredient that can turn your gift-wrapping into a true work of art. These decorative scissors come in various patterns, from delicate ripples and lace lines to charming waves and triangles, they offer a fantastic way to infuse personality and creativity into your presentation. Personalise gift tags Why settle for ordinary gift tags when you can craft your own with a touch of wit and personal flair? Go beyond the generic and let your creativity run wild, it can be a clever one-liner that adds an extra layer of delight to the gift, an inside joke that only the two of you understand, or a heartfelt message that tugs at the heartstrings.

Wrapping a bottle of wine As tempted as you may be to simply tuck the bottle of wine into a gift bag and call it a day, Maroga shows us how to wrap a wine bottle like a pro, adding a touch of festive elegance to your gift-giving. 1. You’ll need wrapping paper, a bottle of Robertson Winery Sparkling Brut, scissors, clear tape, and a ribbon or bow for decoration. 2. Lay the bottle on the wrapping paper and roll it until the paper overlaps itself. Cut the paper, leaving an inch or two of excess on one end. 3. Place the bottle on the cut paper and roll it, ensuring the paper overlaps nicely. Secure the seam with clear tape. 4. Twist the excess paper at the top, like a candy wrapper, and secure it with tape. 5. Tie a ribbon or bow around the bottle’s neck for a festive look. 6. Make sure the wrapping is secure and looks neat. Adjust the ribbon and any creases for a polished appearance.

And that’s a wrap!