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Rudy Paige and Juan De Jongh are synonymous with rugby, talent, on-field action and grit; but since they’ve added podcasting to the mix, they’re now known for their humour, knowledge, unique perspectives and trending rugby news.

“Behind The Ruck” was born from a desire to present a distinct narrative in South African rugby. These dynamic individuals recognised an unexplored niche in the market, where the voices of players were underrepresented. They envisioned a platform where they could share their personal stories, inspire the younger generation, and connect with fellow rugby enthusiasts on a personal level. They believe that by sharing their challenges, experiences, and unique sense of humour, they can motivate and uplift the next generation of rugby players. In Juan’s words, ‘We wanted to craft our own narrative, not the one we’re expected to tell” says Juan.

So what all do you need to know about Behind The Ruck? We break down the top 5 must-knows…

Behind the Ruck

Dynamic Duo On and Off the Field:

Rudy Paige and Juan De Jongh are a formidable pair of rugby powerhouses who have seamlessly transitioned from conquering the rugby field to dominating the airwaves. While Rudy has retired his boots and embraced a coaching role, Juan continues to shine as a key player for Western Province. Together, they form the ideal duo to host the “Behind The Ruck” podcast, where they not only share their vast rugby experiences but also take listeners behind the scenes of their off-field interests, engaging in captivating conversations with special guests that promise laughter and awe. With no former podcasting experience, they decided to dive into the deep end and explore uncharted territories, and have since come out victorious.

Behind the Ruck

They Pride Themselves on Crafting a Unique Narrative in South African Rugby:

“Behind The Ruck” is not just a podcast; it’s a movement born from Rudy and Juan’s desire to present a distinct narrative in South African rugby. Recognising an unexplored niche where players’ voices were underrepresented, they envisioned a platform to share personal stories, inspire the younger generation, and connect with fellow rugby enthusiasts on a personal level. By sharing their challenges, experiences, and unique sense of humour, Rudy and Juan aim to motivate and uplift the next generation of rugby players, compiling their own rugby tales rather than conforming to expectations.

Behind the Ruck

It’s Unscripted, Genuine, and Engaging:

Rudy and Juan emphasise the power of podcasting in fostering engaging connections with their audience. “Behind The Ruck” stands out with its unscripted format, providing the hosts with the freedom to express genuine thoughts, ask unconventional questions, and share personal viewpoints that other rugby shows might overlook. The podcast serves as a cultural bridge in the realm of sports, nurturing a sense of community and connection among listeners who appreciate the authentic and unfiltered perspectives shared by the hosts. As they both boast a wealth of rugby knowledge, they can captivate their audiences in a way like no other.

Behind the Ruck

It’s a Celebration of Rugby, Camaraderie, and Indomitable Spirit:

More than just a podcast, “Behind The Ruck” is a celebration of rugby, camaraderie, and the indomitable spirit of its hosts, Rudy Paige and Juan De Jongh – as well as celebrating those they’ve played against, played alongside, and those they still aspire to play with as leading sportsman in the industry. Each episode is a vibrant voyage into the heart and soul of rugby, filled with laughter, inspiration, and unforgettable stories. The podcast’s success is attributed to its ability to go beyond the try line, offering a holistic view of the players as individuals with multifaceted lives beyond the rugby field. They so cleverly have tapped into the connections and relationships they have made over their sporting careers, allowing them to have intriguing in-studio guests, some of whom they get to call friends.

“Our careers have given us a platform to start this, however, our careers have also given us opportunities to meet overseas players and have experiences we want to share,” they said.

Leveraging Experience and Technology for Quality Content:

Drawing from their prominent careers as former and current rugby players, Rudy and Juan acknowledge the advantage that their already established followings provide. Their podcast brings a fresh perspective to South African rugby, breaking away from conventional narratives. Leveraging technology, they have partnered with reputable brands, ensuring a professional setup that delivers high-quality content to their audience. While they currently receive support from a professional production company, the hosts are committed to improving and are always looking for ways to better their end product. From the sporting field to the podcasting studio – every day is a learning curve for the two gents.

Behind the Ruck

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