What you need to know about moisturisers and why Lamelle does it differently.

If you struggle with dry skin, you might think it’s hard to find a good moisturiser, despite having loads of options to choose from. Thing is, most of them aren’t formulated to treat the source of your dryness – a disrupted barrier function. Nor do they contain world-class hydrating ingredients. This is why Lamelle does it differently.

When your skin’s natural barrier is disrupted – something that can happen to any skin type – the outmost cells, a layer of waxy lipids, are essentially “gappy”. This makes it hard for your skin to hold onto hydration, regardless of how much you moisturise. Your gappy barrier also means irritants can get in, causing redness, stinging and inflammation. This is why so many people think they have sensitive skin, but in reality, they have sensitised skin, something else our cutting-edge hydrators can help you fix!


World-class actives to the rescue! Developed by medical experts using unique ingredients in an optimal concentration, our moisturises don’t just hydrate, they actually change your skin for the better. A prime example is our Serra collecti. It contains patented Ceramide-P to create a multi-layered lipid structure that mimics healthy human skin. This way, you’re not just hydrating, you’re also repairing your skin’s barrier function and the result is happy, hydrated skin with newfound moisture that can’t escape.


Speaking of moisture traps, you’ll find another hydration hero in our Correctives HA+ Serum. The result of years of research (yep, we take hydration very seriously!), it contains five different types of hyaluronic acid (HA) to help hydrate your skin on multiple levels; stimulate it to create more of its own natural HA and even protect it using two hyaluronidase inhibitors. (Hyaluronidase is a naturally-occurring enzyme that degrades our HA supply so keeping it in check is a good thing!) All this in one little bottle that can be applied under any moisturiser is no mean feat, so we’re proud to say our HA serum is the most innovative in the world! But wait – there’s more!


Conquering the hydration game is one thing, but as we’ve said, Lamelle is here to give you more of the best, unlike the rest. We also have an extensive range of treatment moisturisers formulated to quench your skin’s thirst and work even harder for a cause. As an example, if you are struggling with pigmentation, you’ll benefit from Luminesce Brighter Day.


Waging a war on adult acne? Consider Clarity Correctives AM. Concerned about premature ageing? You’ll want to know about Dermaheal Renewal Cream. For every concern we’ve got a moisturiser to match, one that won’t merely hydrate, but also serve up potent and proven active ingredients. That’s the Lamelle difference.

Learn more at https://lamelle.co.za/.

rve up potent and proven active ingredients. That’s the Lamelle difference.

Learn more at https://lamelle.co.za/.