Under Armour launches the ultimate endurance shoe for that run-forever feel.

Under Armour Infinite Pro for infinite comfort and endurance

The latest offering from the Under Armour Infinite collection – the Under Armour Infinite Pro is a sleek, low-top running shoe with a performance edge. Designed for comfort, balance, responsiveness and performance – the UA Infinite Pro keeps you game ready for peak performance from start to finish.

Under Armour’s Infinite arsenal equips athletes with everything they need for their weekly training sessions, from long days to everyday routines. Whether it’s early morning hill sprints or mid-week recovery runs, athletes are geared up with the perfect tools to enhance their running game for endless momentum.

 Go the distance with UA Infinite Pro

 Designed for comfort and performance, the Under Armour Infinite Pro is the perfect every day running shoe for athletes looking to push their limits to a new level. By blending of state-of-the-art springy-soft Under Armour cushioning with a 3D-moulded sock liner, the Infinite Pro hugs your foot securely and provides maximal cushioning for smooth landings.

” As an athlete, I know the importance of staying comfortable during long and gruelling training sessions to get game day ready. Under Armour’s Infinite Pro are my secret weapon, providing their superior support, comfort, and performance, giving me the confidence to dominate the competition from the first whistle to the final buzzer “

 “Success on the pitch is the result of hard work, dedication, and preparation. With Under Armour’s Infinite Pro’s, I have the support I need to train effectively, training correctly is essential for building the strength, endurance, and skills needed to excel in competition. With the right preparation, we can face any opponent with confidence and determination.”

 “To be game day ready, an athlete must train relentlessly, focus fiercely, and believe fearlessly.  Game day is where champions are made, and with the Under Armour Infinite Pro shoes on my feet during training, I’m ready to rise to the occasion. Their responsive cushioning and dynamic traction give me the edge I need to outperform the competition and lead my team to victory”, says soccer star and Under Armour athlete Robyn Moodaly.

 Under Armour’s legendary UA HOVR™+ technology makes the Infinite Pro superb at returning energy and increasing stability to that you can power past your personal best. The light warped knit upper features a zonal structure for containment with 3D haptic print details. This means your feet always stay at the right temperature no matter the weather.

 By moulding together tiny foam beads, the Infinite Pro turns the sole of the shoe into a power plant that allows you to push harder for longer, in more comfort. Whether on the track or the road, these shoes are built to propel you to your goals with ease and efficiency.

  UA Infinite Pro: R3,399.00

 “On game day I make sure I have a nutritious breakfast, do a light morning training session or warm up, hydrate throughout the day, go through warm up drills with my team and visualise success – but the most important prep I can do for game day is train, this is where the Under Armour Infinite Pro shoes give me the speed and support I need to maximize my performance.”

 “I’ve learned the hard way that playing matches when you’re not properly prepared can be detrimental to your performance and your team’s success. There were times when I didn’t train correctly, and it showed on the pitch. With the Infinite Pro shoes from Under Armour, I have the right gear to push the pace and perform at my best.”

“Training before I hit the pitch is like tuning up a supercar before a race – essential for top performance! And with my Under Armour Infinite Pro shoes, I’m not just ready, I’m revved up and raring to go! They’re my turbo boost for staying in top shape and dominating the game!”, says SuperSport United defender and Under Armour athlete Keagan Johannes.

SuperSport United defender and Under Armour athlete Keagan Johannes.

 Product DNA:

·       Breathable engineered warp knit upper and zonal structure for containment with 3D haptic print details

·       Plush collar lining and tongue for enhanced fit and comfort

·       Heel design helps you land smoothly, lessens impact and increases overall stability

·       3D-molded sockliner cradles the foot for enhanced step-in comfort

·       Extra-springy UA HOVR™+ cushioning reduces impact, returns energy and helps propel you forward

·       Rubber outsole designed to provide durability and lightweight rebound where needed

 The UA Infinite collection also includes:

 The UA Infinite Pro shoes and the entire Under Armour range is available at the Under Armour Icon Brand House in Sandton City. Select gear can be found at Under Armour Brand Houses nationwide and online at www.underarmour.co.za