Skincare in 2023 has shown us that users are searching for muti-functional products that target a variety of concerns allowing for a much less complex and extensive daily routine. Just as beauty standards have shifted and become a lot more fluid, diverse, and inclusive, so has the way we perceive our skin and our skincare.

The launch of the Ultimate range by SKIN functional couldn’t have come at a better time. This range stays true to the vision behind the company – that is leading innovation in skincare coupled with honourable skintelligence® educating users across the board on how to properly take care of their skin.

The Ultimate range is for people looking to achieve noticeable results for their skin with little effort and investment – sounds too good to be true? It isn’t, this range offers expertly formulated products at optimal concentrations® helping you achieve the skin you desire, seamlessly.

“After two years of development, the Ultimate range is for the person who chooses to simplify their routine. This range offers a comprehensive solution to your most common skin concerns. Each product is formulated to deliver high concentrations of multiple ingredients. The result, a potent, effective range tailored for your skin concern and skin type.,” explained Kevin Khosa, Skin Expert at SKIN functional.

All the products are vegan, cruelty free, fragrance free, alcohol free and proudly made in South Africa for South Africans. The range offers nine intelligently formulated products that target three of the most common skin concerns experienced by users, namely: breakouts, uneven skin tone and ageing.

“With this range we aim to help you celebrate your authenticity and individuality by embracing your skin’s natural appearance while also assisting you in achieving your ultimate skin,” said Khosa.

Let’s Talk Anti-ageing

The ageing range includes a daily moisturiser, suitable for use in the morning and evening. This product is a powerful combination of Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Squalane, Retinaldehyde, Peptides and Co-Enzyme Q10 that offer you a holistic approach to ageing by reducing fine lines and wrinkles, inhibiting elastase, free radical scavenging and anti-inflammatory benefits. Also part of the ageing range is a powerful leave-on treatment tonic with copper tripeptide and hyaluronic acid suitable for use twice a day. This tonic is formulated with an effective combination of ingredients to address premature ageing and environmental damage. Use them together to achieve maximum results!

Let uneven skin tone be a thing of the past

Pigmentation is something we will all suffer from at some stage in our lifetime. When that time comes, the uneven skin tone range is the perfect blend of active ingredients that viciously target pigmented skin. This range offers a moisturiser for oily/combination skin types as well as dry/sensitive skin types. With key ingredients like Niacinamide, Alpha Arbutin, Tranexamic Acid and Hyper-Brite Complex among others, these moisturisers fade dark spots, manage pigmentation and improve barrier functioning. This to be used in conjunction with the treatment tonic, formulated with effective tyrosinase inhibiting ingredients to hinder the production of melanin while fading existing dark marks and uneven skin tone.

Be Breakout Free!

Pimples and recurring breakouts can be tiresome to manage and painful to endure. The bespoke breakout range also includes two moisturisers for dry/sensitive skin that repairs the barrier while managing active breakouts, inflammation, reducing post breakout marks and improving overall skin texture as well as a moisturiser for oily/combination skin, that helps balance the skin’s natural oil production managing breakouts and reducing redness. The treatment tonic with SKIN functional’s patented Optisorb Complex™ addressed breakouts, post breakout marks and overproduction of sebum.

Being an inclusive brand and simplistic range – there is a universal Gentle Foaming Cleanser suitable for all skin types. This is a light-weight foaming cleanser that gently removes impurities from the skin without stripping the barrier or exacerbating dry and sensitive skin that can be used with any of the ranges.

Skin Functional

“The complete range is made to improve your life, your overall experience when doing your skincare as well as not take up massive amounts of time, but still offer you the results you expect. The basic cleanse, tone and moisturise routine is all you need, with the addition of a sunscreen in the mornings with this range,” concluded Khosa.

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