Stepping in South African Style: Crocs Releases Local Jibbitz™Charms!

Now you can carry a little bit of South Africa with you wherever you go.

Sies! Lekker! Ghosted! Basic! Haibo! Hold on to your vuvuzelas, because we’ve got some seriously vibey news coming your way, Mzansi!

Crocs South Africa has dropped the grooviest revelation since the bunny chow – introducing their very own proudly South African Jibbitz™ charms! Yes, you heard it, fellow Croc Nation – it’s time to turn your comfy kicks into a rainbow of local awesomeness.

Whether you’re feeling as “lekker”; as a boerewors roll on a sunny day or you want to salute the iconic Table Mountain, these Jibbitz are here to spice up your steps. Say goodbye to getting “Ghosted” because Crocs has channelled the spirit of "Africa" to create Jibbitz™ charms that shout & ‘RAINBOW NATION!”;

Crocs, those fantastically cosy shoes that feel like a warm hug for your feet, are now bringing you a taste of South Africa’s zest. Let your feet groove to the rhythm of African drums and embrace your inner local hero.

On a mission to sprinkle happiness worldwide, one pair of shoes at a time, Crocs South Africa is levelling up the comfort game and inviting you to strut your stuff with their sensational local Jibbitz™ charms.

Get ready to rock these Jibbitz available now, in-store and online. It’s going to be the quirkiest, comfiest celebration of South African spirit ever!