Rohto® Eye Drops.

Introducing Rohto®- The World’s No.1 Eyecare Brand*. 

In an era dominated by digital screens, where eye discomfort has become a prevalent issue, Rohto® is a world-renowned remedy for tired, strained, and dry eyes.

As a leading Eyecare Brand, Rohto® offers a range of quality eyecare products accessible for all. From combating digital eye strain to soothing redness and dryness, Rohto® provides everyday eyecare for everyone.

 Among our most trusted products are:


Rohto® Cool Eye Drops: Specifically formulated to combat tired eyes – these moisturizing drops offer a burst of cooling relief which immediately refreshes strained and tired or dry eyes. 


Rohto® Aqua Eye Drops: Introducing a gentle lubricating eye drop designed to provide a protective moisturizing veil. Aqua offers soothing relief to irritated and tired eyes and effectively retains moisture and natural tears.


Rohto® Dry Aid Eye Drops: Dry, sore, itching, irritation, burning, grittiness, stinging and tired eyes? Rohto® Dry Aid provides intensive dry eye relief, soothing and relieving 8 common symptoms associated with dry eyes. Its unique & advanced formula, using TEARSHIELD TECHNOLOGYTM, targets dry spots that appear on the eye’s surface, to restore the eye’s natural tear film – providing long-lasting hydration and protection and breaking the dry eye cycle. 

So next time you settle down for an intense gaming session, armed with your favourite snacks and a refreshing drink, remember to include Rohto Eye Drops on your list of essentials. With Rohto® Eye Drops by your side, you’ll have the ultimate solution to combat digital eye strain and keep your eyes refreshed, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.

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*Source: Euromonitor International limited, Consumer health 2023 Eyecare definition, retail value share USD 03.07.22 exchange rate, 2022 data.