Kevin Lerena Reigns Triumphant In WBC World Title Eliminator

Kevin Lerena Reigns Triumphant In WBC World Title Eliminator

South African Boxer & Under Armour Athlete Kevin Lerena Claims Victory in WBC World Title Eliminator Against Ryad Merhy, Securing His 29th Career Win

Becoming a top-performing boxer like Under Armour Athlete, Kevin Lerena requires much more than just physical prowess. Winning a WBC Title Eliminator Fight demands a relentless dedication to training and an unwavering focus on achieving the ultimate goal. Mentally, Lerena must maintain a razor-sharp mindset, stay calm under pressure, and remain fully committed to his craft – every step, every move, every punch and hook. His mental tenacity is what sets him apart from the rest, allowing him to weather the toughest of storms and emerge victorious. 

Physically, Lerena must possess incredible strength, speed, and agility to outmatch his opponents, which is why heading into a heavyweight title has been even more of a physically demanding challenge – one which Kevin embraces with open arms. He must push his body to the limits every minute of the day, relentlessly training to become stronger, faster, and more skilled each time he takes to the ring. In the end, it is pure tenacity that drives Lerena forward, pushing him to strive for greatness and never give up until he reaches his maximum potential. With his unmatched mental and physical capacity and his dedication to bettering his form daily, Lerena has proven that he has what it takes to yet again be a champion in the ring.

On fight night, you have twelve rounds to prove your worth, to remind everyone who you are and why you deserve to be the best. It’s your chance to unleash everything you’ve worked so hard for, to become the forefront of the arena, captivating the audience, and leaving behind an energy that will never be forgotten. And Kevin Lerena most certainly did not disappoint.


Kevin Lerena Reigns Triumphant In WBC World Title Eliminator

With a new title under his belt, the International Boxing Organisation (IBO) Cruiserweight World Champion was last night, proudly crowned WBC Bridgerweight World Champion in what was a stellar show of pure class and talent shown by the 31-year-old Under Armour athlete and father of three.

The WBC organization is one of the oldest in the world of boxing and is regarded as the most prestigious division. With only two South African boxers having ever been champions in the WBC division (Two-time Champion, Sugar Boy Malinga and One-Time Champion, Dingaan Thobela) the prized title and role of ‘Champion’ has now been handed over to JHB-based professional, Kevin Lerena – one he gladly bears.

“The WBC is a massive organization, one that I am extremely honoured to be a part of. Until now, I had never won a WBC world title, I had only won a WBC Youth World Title back in 2014, so it was time! I could not be prouder nor happier! Everything I have worked so hard for has led me to this very moment”, says Lerena.

As an esteemed Under Armour athlete, Kevin epitomizes the perfect synergy between the athlete and the brand, promoting greatness on multiple levels. Lerena’s remarkable journey, as an integral part of Under Armour’s growth in South Africa, underscores his deep connection with the brand’s desirability. He serves as a living testament to the transformative power of TRAINING to COMPETE, inspiring athletes across the country to push their limits and reach new heights. In the face of numerous adversities and being labeled the perpetual underdog, Kevin Lerena has fearlessly defied the odds, emerging triumphant and gone on yet again to etch his name amongst the greats. Anchored by unwavering mental fortitude, he has sculpted a path to victory that inspires and captivates, proving that resilience and tenacity can propel even the most underestimated individuals to the pinnacle of success.

Kevin Lerena Reigns Triumphant In WBC World Title Eliminator

When asked to provide input on how to ‘cultivate a winning edge’, Kevin provided the below feedback:

“No matter what kind of an athlete you are, there is a mental component that requires attention – over and above all the physical training you need to put in. With this in mind, my advice is that you set out your short, medium and long-term goals. As a passionate pro boxer, these goals contribute greatly to my success, they give me something to work towards – keeping me both hungry and humble at the same time,” says Kevin. “In my opinion, motivation and mindset complement each other and go hand in hand; my goal has always been to be the best fighter in South Africa and a World Champion. My strategy is to instil a deep faith in myself, my ability to prepare by executing the game plan drawn up by my team, and my ability to implement a win. Remember: every pro fighter in the ring is fit; every pro fighter is strong, but not everyone is mentally tough.”

Kevin Lerena’s recent victory in the WBC World Title Eliminator has not only solidified his position as one of the best boxers in the world but has also left fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for this talented athlete. His impressive track record of 29 wins, 2 losses, and 0 draws, along with his backing and authentic partnership as an Under Armour Athlete serves as solid proof of his relentless dedication and unyielding drive to triumph.

Kevin Lerena Reigns Triumphant In WBC World Title Eliminator


The scorecards boasted the following: Judge Eddie Pappoe from Ghana scored the fight 118-110 to Lerena. South African Thabo Spampool had it 116-112 to Lerena, and Belgian judge Daniel van de Wiele also favored Lerena by a score of 115-113.  ‘The skills are what gets you over the finish line,” Kevin said when interviewed after his fight. 

With this win, Lerena’s future is looking brighter than ever, and the sky is truly the limit for this exceptional boxer and Under Armour Athlete. The world is his oyster, and we can’t wait to see what pearls of wisdom and victories he brings forth next.