What’s Hot On The Tech Front: The Venom Go By Hyperice

Hyperice Venom Go / HEYBOO

The words “wellness” and “recovery” are synonymous with the global high-performance wellness brand, Hyperice. Masters of their craft, they recently launched two new products within their heat therapy category, Venom Go and Venom 2, alongside HyperHeat™ technology for the fastest, most consistent and even distribution of heat to relieve sore, stiff muscles and promote wellness – and they have finally reached South African shores!

What does that mean for the average fitness athlete and active person alike? Quicker recovery, advanced flexibility, faster results, and newly improved products keep you ahead of the recovery game.

The Venom Go advances the capabilities of the Venom line further with the ability to deliver heat and vibration spot treatment in more areas, such as the neck, shoulder, upper and lower back, calf and forearm.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the Venom Go can be utilised in more environments than ever before, with unmatched versatility and customisations, delivering instant muscle relief wherever the body needs it most.

Hyperice Venom Go / HEYBOO

“The Venom Go is a revolutionary product for us as it widens the application of our Venom technology and addresses the need for a powerful heat and vibration solution for spot treatment,” said Jim Huether, CEO of Hyperice. “It’s been six years since the debut of heat and vibration technology from Hyperice, we’ve now significantly enhanced the Venom user experience and added our patented HyperHeat™ technology, all while staying true to the core elements of the original product that made people fall in love with it. The Venom line is one of our fastest growing product lines, and we expect this trend to continue throughout the world.”

So what is the Venom Go? The Venom Go is a heat and vibration wearable, that consists of a control pod that magnetically connects to an adhesive pad and is applied directly to the skin. Venom Go pads are reusable approximately 20 to 40 times each (depending on placement on the body and any sweat, lotion or oil that may be on the skin) and cover 87 square centimetres, allowing users to receive direct treatment to more areas of the body than ever before.

Hyperice Venom Go / HEYBOO

Users can select from 3 levels of heat, and 3 levels of vibration, via the easy-to-use button control on the pod. Sore and stiff muscles can now receive instant treatment, with Venom Go reaching up to 45°C in 90 seconds after being applied to the skin – or just 20 seconds prior to being applied to the skin.

The Venom Go control pod and pad weigh a mere 90 grams, and holds a battery life of up to 60 minutes on a full charge, with a standard session running for 10 minutes. The Venom Go is charged via a USB connection and is TSA approved for convenient use while travelling. Utilizing Bluetooth connectivity, the Venom Go is controlled via the Hyperice App, with users having the ability to sync multiple pods to deliver tailored spot treatments across different areas of the body at once for a unique heat and vibration therapy experience.

Hyperice Venom Go / HEYBOO

“Recovery plays a key role in performing your best every day,” said Robin Arzón, Hyperice Athlete-Investor, and Peloton Vice President of Fitness Programming. “Venom has always been a staple product in my warmup and recovery routines. Vibration and heat are both critical components in the equation. The new Venom Go allows me to be even more targeted with muscle recovery to keep me moving at my best so I can help others move at their best too.”

The Venom Go retails for R2799.00. South Africans can purchase Hyperice products at the following retailers: MiFittness, TakeAlot, Totalsports, CycleLab, The Pro Shop, Gear4U.co.za, EveryShop, Ebucks and Momentum Multiply.

The Venom Go Case retails for R549.00.

For more information, visit hyperice.co.za