‘Help them feed them’ -Keeping fur babies and their parents together.

Our furry friends are a part of our family, and they bring us so much happiness, and as pet parents it is our responsibility to ensure they’re looked after, well-fed, loved, and cared for. Unfortunately, the rising cost of living is forcing more and more families to make the difficult and heart-breaking decision to surrender their pets to shelters, as they’re unable to afford their upkeep any longer. It’s with this fact in mind that Bob Martin started the ‘Help them feed them’ initiative in 2022.

Bob Martin & Co firmly believes that a pet’s rightful place is within their loving family. They belong together, and we are committed to preserving that connection.

After the success of the last year’s ‘Help them feed them’ initiative the Bob Martin brands Husky, Pamper, Bob Martin, and Beeno are continuing with it, and will keep working to keep pets and their families together by providing pet food and pet care for worthy beneficiaries for an entire year.

The aim with this initiative is to give the voiceless a voice and assist where there is a need. Bob Martin & Co is calling on the public to find those stories of pet owners that could use a little bit of help to keep their pets right by their side.

Keeping your pet healthy, cared-for and well-fed can be a costly endeavour, especially for people who are struggling just to make ends meet.

Bob Martin & Co has had a positive influence by providing assistance to nominated families in need. Two such beneficiaries, Cathy and Diane, have graciously shared their stories. Through the sharing of their heart-warming experiences, our aim is to encourage and inspire others to nominate deserving families who could benefit from support.

Cathy Barrett, proud pet parent of 7 rescue cats and 2 rescue dogs was one of Bob Martin’s Help Them Feed Them beneficiaries last year and has said that the initiative has helped them tremendously. “Without the food, I would have had to hand the animals to a shelter as we both pensioners and struggle to feed ourselves as well. There would of been no alternative but to find other homes for them or to send to a shelter which we would hate to do. They are our only joy,” writes Cathy.

The initiative also helped Diane and her cats, and she explained that, “Not having them around is just too awful to think about. These cats – I think, chose me, and that’s a true privilege. Not being in a position to feed them was and still is a daunting prospect- shelter life would be so foreign to them. Even the best shelters have their limitations, and I just could not see how they could ever adjust.”

Diane also wrote, “Thank you, Bob Martin. Not only did you help me feed them- which meant that me and five cats live better and richer lives, but you made the world a better place.”

‘Help them feed them’, an initiative that aims to keep pets and their owners together by taking care of their food and care requirements for an entire year. The campaign will allow anyone to nominate a family or individual in need. Join us in supporting this cause and make a difference in the lives of pets and their families today

To nominate a potential beneficiary, visit www.helpthemfeedthem.co.za

To find out more about Bob Martin, visit https://www.bobmartin.co.za/