Fresh vibes and festival thrills: AXE South Africa partners with hey neighbour festival for an unforgettable experience.

Unlock the Freshest Festival Moments at Hey Neighbour: Where AXE and X Marks the Spot.

AXE, the globally acclaimed grooming and personal care brand synonymous with freshness and confidence, is thrilled to announce its exhilarating partnership with the highly anticipated Hey Neighbour Festival. This collaboration promises not just an enticing blend of scents but an electrifying festival experience like never before.

Hey Neighbour Festival, a vibrant celebration of music, art, culture, and community, has taken South Africa by storm, becoming the heart of conversations across the nation. AXE’s unwavering commitment to keeping you fresh seamlessly aligns with the festival’s goal of crafting unforgettable moments.

AXE’s presence at the Hey Neighbour Festival promises to elevate the event to unprecedented heights, offering festival-goers an immersive journey inside the AXE Dome. A first-of-its-kind in South Africa, this Dome will serve as a canvas for interactive displays and captivating visuals, transforming this year’s festival into an unforgettable multisensory experience.


“We’re absolutely thrilled to join forces with Hey Neighbour Festival and introduce this ground-breaking experience through our AXE Dome,” stated Gareth Marshall, Sponsorship & Partnership Lead at Unilever South Africa. “The Dome embodies the very essence of AXE, delivering a sensory experience that deeply resonates with our audience. Our partnership with Hey Neighbour Festival allows us to connect with our fans in a way that’s truly unique, all while ensuring they stay fresh and confident throughout the event.”

As part of the dome activation, festival-goers will not only have the opportunity to sample AXE’s diverse product range but also immerse themselves entirely in the world of AXE, exploring various variants and ingredients. From body sprays to deodorants, attendees will enjoy a hands-on experience with AXE’s products, enabling them to discover their favourite scents and stay fresh, regardless of how long the festival lasts.


“We’re thrilled to welcome AXE as our partner for this year’s Hey Neighbour Festival,” exclaimed Glen, MD of Hey Neighbour Festival.“AXE’s dedication to enhancing the festival experience through the ground-breaking AXE Dome and sampling opportunities aligns perfectly with our mission to create moments of joy and connection that are simply unforgettable. Together, we’re poised to make this festival season the best one yet.”

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Stay Fresh, Stay Lit, and Get Ready to Rock the Hey Neighbour Festival with AXE!