Debonairs Pizza Unveils Irresistible New Menu Items: Discover the Cheezy Range and More!

Debonairs Pizza, one of Mzansi’s most-loved pizza brands, has always been a brand passionate about bringing the very best flavours to its consumers.

As a brand known for pushing the boundaries of innovation, Debonairs Pizza has always encouraged consumers to “try something amazing” – and is set to introduce an array of new menu items later this month that are sure to ignite taste buds and elevate the pizza experience for consumers across the country.

From a delectable new Cheezy Range to mouth-watering Clazzics and specialty dishes, Debonairs Pizza is excited to unveil a selection of new offerings to consumers that not only tantalise taste buds but also offer exceptional value for money.

Introducing the Cheezy Range

Debonairs Pizza is thrilled to introduce the all-new Cheezy Range, featuring three delicious new pizzas that offer customer a burst of cheesy goodness with three types of cheese and delicious toppings.

  • Cheezy Chicken & Mushroom: A delightful combination of tender chicken, mushrooms, and a generous layer of rich, melted cheese.
  • Cheezy Beef & Onion: Savour the flavours of perfectly seasoned beef and onions, all smothered in a cheesy embrace.
  • Cheezy Jalapeño: Spice up the pizza experience with the Cheezy Jalapeño, where fiery jalapeño peppers meet a creamy cheese topping.

Explore the Clazzics Debonairs Pizza is also introducing two new pizzas to their clazzics range, available in small, medium and large sizes, that are sure to become fast favourites with consumers:

  • Creamy Bacon/Macon & Spinach: Indulge in the creamy goodness of bacon or macon paired with the freshness of spinach, all served on a delectable pizza crust.
  • 4 Cheese: A cheese lover’s dream come true, the 4 Cheese pizza offers a mouth-watering medley of four distinct cheeses, ensuring each bite is a burst of cheesy delight.

Specialty Sensation For those seeking a unique and filling pizza experience, Debonairs Pizza proudly presents the Triple Decker® Topped. This is the much-loved Triple-Decker® now loaded with even more meat and cheese inside and on top! Bursting with three layers, three cheeses, including Debonairs’ secret cream cheese, and generously topped with either a chicken or a meaty assortment this specialty pizza, only available in a large size, is packed with flavour.

Sides to Satisfy Finally, Debonairs Pizza has also expanded its selection of sides to complement any pizza feast. The Cheezy Potato Shotz and Chicken Strips are the perfect accompaniments to enhance the meal.

“We’re not just about pizza; we’re about creating an experience that’s bursting with flavour and fun. When it comes to innovation, we believe in pushing the envelope, and our latest menu additions are a delicious testament to that spirit,” Kaylynn Naicker, Brand Manager at Debonairs Pizza shares.

“We believe that everyone deserves to indulge in mouthwatering pizza without feeling the pinch in their pocket. Our new menu items are crafted with both quality and affordability in mind, ensuring that each pizza slice delivers not only exceptional taste but also unbeatable value.”

Consumers can get their hands on these delicious new menu items from Debonairs Pizza stores around the country from 17 October 2023. For more information, visit