AXE, a leading grooming and personal care brand
dedicated to freshness and irresistible scents, has just revealed its ground-breaking AXE Dome Experience at the exclusive AXE Media Event held on the 28th of November at Truffles on The Park.

This exceptional event provided an exclusive preview of the AXE Dome, setting the stage for its full activation and debut at the upcoming Hey Neighbour Festival in December, promising an unprecedented sensory journey.

The AXE Dome promises a genius exploration of AXE fragrances through an immersive video concept that transports guests on an exhilarating adventure. This sensory journey, propelled by high-energy visuals, guarantees to captivate and mesmerise attendees, leaving them in awe-struck wonderment.

Picture this: embarking on a transcendent voyage through space tunnels and traversing wormholes, each leading to a unique AXE fragrance world within the Dome. From the Zinc tech world of the Black deodorant to a captivating array of the Dark Temptation world, the AXE Dome presents a truly distinctive and engaging experience for all attendees and AXE lovers.

This ground-breaking experience, designed to unfold across 13 different scenes, will teleport attendees through diverse AXE fragrance worlds. The journey promises a mesmerising display of all four deodorant SKUs – AXE Black, AXE Dark Temptation, AXE Ice Chill, and AXE Apollo – pulsating within the associated ingredient worlds, culminating with the resounding message: ‘AXE. Stay Fresh. Smell Irresistible, and unlock worlds of seduction’

Adding depth to this anticipated momentous occasion are two of the selected Freshmen – Shamiso Mosaka and rapper Jay Jody.

‘Being part of the AXE Freshmen campaign resonates deeply with me. This campaign encapsulates freshness, authenticity, and a vibrant spirit – qualities that align perfectly with who I am and what I represent. The AXE Dome experience speaks volumes to my career, offering a fresh perspective and invigorating energy’, said Shamiso.

Jay Jody, your favourite rapper, also reflected, ‘This campaign is a raw expression of the stage life – vibrant, dynamic, and larger than life. As an artist, I resonate with the energy, the immersion, and the power that the Freshmen campaign embodies. It’s a testament to the pulsating beat of creativity and self-expression’

Furthermore, AXE is thrilled to announce its collaboration with the highly anticipated Hey Neighbour Festival, where the fully activated AXE Dome will make its debut in December. This partnership seeks to merge scents and ignite an unprecedented festival experience, promising a multi-sensory journey for festival-goers.