5 tips to keep your home allergy free during winter.

Suffering from allergies is something that around 30% of South Africans have to endure. “Although many believe that allergies only occur during springtime, the truth is that allergies can be experienced all year round, including winter,” comments Bronwyn Ragavan, brand manager for Chemico. “Allergy sufferers try to stay indoors as much as possible, often believing that while in their homes, they are safe from what causes them to sniffle and sneeze. However, for that to be true, they need to make sure that it is cleaned correctly.”

 Allergens can be brought into the home through the windows, through foot traffic and even hitch a ride with your pets. Ragavan explains that since we spend most of our time indoors during winter, it is important to ensure that our homes are free from allergens with these five tips:

  • Although you may be cleaning your home regularly, are you making sure that your allergies are kept outside? Dust, mould, pet hair and dust mites can be anywhere causing you to react. Dust and vacuum as often as needed, reaching into unseen places where allergens can hide and build up. Be sure to wear a mask while you clean to stop triggering your allergies.
  • Clean all counters and surfaces regularly to remove any dirt and any dust that may have settled. Chemico Liqui Cleen with 3X extreme clean with ActiBeads cleans all counters and surfaces, removing grime and dirt, to help you keep your home allergy free. 
  • Having pets can often trigger allergies, but that doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your fur babies. During winter, your pets will be spending more time inside your home which is why it is important to keep certain rooms pet free, such as your bedroom. Also, remember to your wash your hands after petting them. Brushing and grooming your pet outside also minimises the amount of pet fur in your home. 
  • Take your shoes off before you walk into your home. Allergens found on the ground can attach themselves to your shoes and be brought into your home at the end of the day.
  • Try to keep your windows closed. This will stop any outdoor allergens from entering your home, as well as stop the dust in your home from being stirred up by a breeze and becoming airborne.

Although allergies cannot be cured through cleaning your home, making these changes can lessen your reaction and make your home your allergy free sanctuary. Your home should be a place where you feel relaxed and not have to worry about if you are close to the tissues.