5 Common Issues With Waxing And How To Overcome Them – According To WAXIT

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Tired of having to use that rusty old razor time and time again, with the constant worry of missing a spot, or experiencing day-old fuzz? Maybe it’s time to head to your nearest wax bar and put your trust in their skilfully trained WAXITologists.

If you’re a waxing regular, you’ve probably heard of the team at WAXIT, who are committed to the silky and the smooth. For the best wax, the team at WAXIT follow three simple steps: Prepare. Process. Pamper.

With over 15 stores nationwide, WAXIT is a popular wax bar defined as a ‘refuge of removal, a haven of hairlessness, a sanctuary of smooth.’

At WAXIT, they make sure that before and after your wax, your skin is cleansed, waxed, nourished and soothed. Their WAXITologists® are always available, professional and discreet. Plus, WAXIT offers additional treatments that aren’t available at “multi-functional” salons.

But what can one expect when it comes to waxing and the issues that come with the art of using a strip of wax to effectively remove the hair from the root?

The issues don’t necessarily lie with waxing itself, but the lack of knowledge thereof, or perhaps even botched at-home treatments.

WAXIT tackles 5 of the most common issues they face, as WAXITologists, and how to overcome them.

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How to overcome it? This is a very common issue that our clients have, either from shaving or previous bad waxing experiences. Sometimes, your hormones can also affect ingrown hairs. We have a few ways of resolving this issue. We have specialised treatments such as a “Pretty Bits” treatment (or a Vajacial) that is aimed at helping remove ingrown hairs and pigmentation. We will also explain to you what kind of post-wax care you will need to ensure that your skin stays smooth in between waxes. We highly recommend that you exfoliate in between waxes and just before you wax to aid with ingrown hairs.  

COMMON ISSUE TWO: Contraindications of medication

How to overcome it? Certain medications, supplements and hormonal changes can affect how your skin reacts to waxing.  At WAXIT our staff is trained to ask the right questions to avoid a poor experience. However, please make sure that you always tell your WAXITologist if you have changed any medications or supplements recently, or if you are pregnant as this also affects your skin. It may not seem like such a big deal, but you would be surprised how all medication can affect your skin and hair growth.

COMMON ISSUE THREE: Skin sensitivity

How to overcome it? We realise that some of our clients may have had a bad previous experience with waxing or have extremely sensitive skin. We have a good look at your skin and consultation card before we even start waxing you at your first appointment. We have also designed and locally manufactured a hypoallergenic wax that is ideal for sensitive skin to ensure that you are not uncomfortable while you are being waxed. If we see that your skin might be reacting to the wax, we will comfort your skin immediately. We also have the option of Stripless waxing – which means we use hot wax (as opposed to the strips) to wax you – this process is much gentler on your skin and also assists in pulling out the fine hairs.

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How to overcome it? At WAXIT, we are committed to cleanliness, which is why we deliver our services in an environment that is clean and professional and sets the standard for hygiene, sanitation and wax care. We don’t reuse wax sheets and gloves and masks are mandatory for our WAXITologists. We sanitise our rooms and change the wax sheets between each appointment. We also provide you with fresh wipes to give yourself a quick refresh before your wax.

COMMON ISSUE FIVE: Post-wax education

How to overcome it? We are all about your post-wax routine. You don’t go for a facial and then use a bar of normal everyday soap on your face afterwards. Waxing is the same concept. You should be coming for your wax consistently every 3-6 weeks (depending on your hair growth) and in between waxing, you should be concentrating on your post-wax routine. Are you cleansing your skin efficiently, are you exfoliating twice a week, are you moisturizing your skin, are you treating ingrown hairs before they appear? Our WAXITologists will explain the importance of your routine to you to ensure that your skin is prepped and ready for the waxing process. We have a range of our own locally-made post-waxing retail items to ensure that you really do get the best out of every waxing experience.

“We are masters of sleek and silky, and we focus only on fuzz. No manicures, pedicures or facials, just high-quality waxing. When it comes to our craft, only the best will do,” says Owner, Michelle Royston.

For more information, visit https://www.waxit.co.za

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